Having won the release of these titles from labels and publishers, I’d like to be the first to offer you the albums for free download.

All the music contained here was carefully created and crafted by everyone involved.  It takes hard work (and it IS hard work), and the result is yours to enjoy.   If you like it, please consider making a donation for whatever amount you believe they’re worth.  CDs are usually US$20 but, in my experience with most contracts, the actual artist rarely gets more than a small percentage of that. 

We’re fast-approaching a day where the control of an artistic creation is not in the hands of the marketing department but in in the hands those who are actually responsible for the creative process.  I, for one, welcome it and hope that, whether or not you decide to make a donation, familiarity with my music would encourage you to attend a concert or live performance when we’re in your area. 

Please go out and support your local, live music.  It’s not a commodity; it’s a cultural asset.


Jacob Elijah Aginsky

Live, in Solo Concert
Jacob Aginsky (jazz, singer-songwriter)Music_files/live.zip

Jacob Aginsky Quartet (jazz)Music_files/travelogue.zip

...And Some
Jacob Aginsky Trio (jazz)Music_files/andsome.zip

Bay Station
Subnautic (chill-out)Music_files/baystation.zip

Chill-Out Room Sessions, v1
Subnautic (live chill-out)Music_files/sessions,v1.zip

The New Neo
Neo Trio (grove)Music_files/newneo.zip

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